I grew up in a working class neighborhood on the west side of Anaheim and while my mom, a single mother, drove a bus for the county almost 12 hours a day, my grandparents helped raise me until my teenage years. Unfortunately in the last few years, my grandmother’s condition has been deteriorating so much that she can’t walk, cook for herself, clean herself or get in or out of bed without a manual lift. The care that she needs isn’t very intensive, but it means I always have to be there to get her up, change her, get her from bed to a wheelchair and repeat it all over at night…just in reverse. To save money, we have decided to do virtually all of the care ourselves. I know the struggle of people in my position and of the people they care for, having to survive on less and less resources. I will fight to expand and increase those resources, through Medicare4All, for the people that are doing the right thing by their loved ones.

I just have a very strong belief in doing the same sacrifices that my grandmother made for me when I was growing up. Had she not cared about where to live, maybe things would have been different, but she really wanted to stay in her own home and I felt the need to do my best for someone who had done the same for me without complaint. This is the same attitude that I will take with me to Washington, and now you know where it comes from. No matter how much obstruction is thrown in my way by Republicans or establishment Democrats, I will keep fighting, won’t complain about things when they don’t go my way and I will know that people are counting on me to get things done for the working and middle class families of this country.

Currently I work for the Boys and Girls Club, driving kids safety from their school to the clubhouse. It might have started off as a simple part time job, but I quickly realized that this after school program and many others like it around the country are invaluable to working and middle class families. In addition to keeping kids busy and out of trouble, they can also be a source of introduction to interesting scientific and artistic subjects that schools can’t always implement. I feel we need to setup funding for working class families, that wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford these programs on their own.

One more thing I feel you should know about me, I don’t care to keep up the game playing…now that I know the score. That means since almost every member of the establishment is bought and paid for, I won’t hesitate in calling out their bad policy proposals that will only further enrich the already massive corporations and their mega rich donors. With someone like me, you will know that I have not been compromised and that I will only serve the people of the working and middle class, of which we make up at least 98% of the population of this country. If you elect me you will never have to beg or hassle me to do the right thing for the people, like you have to with establishment members already in office. This is our chance to send a real person to bring real change and to let every establishment member in Washington know that this is just the beginning.